DPI: Closed ten markets due to non-compliance with the decision on reduced prices

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Since September 19, when the first government decision to reduce prices was passed, more than 550 inspections have been carried out, over 32 payment orders have been issued and fines in the amount of 6,320 million denars have been imposed.

The fines are for disobeying the Decision, but also for the application of unfair trade practices, and the action is taken in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, said the director of the State Market Inspectorate, Goran Trajkovski, and informed that 10 markets were closed: in Skopje, Kumanovo, Kichevo, Gostivar, Kavadarci, Tetovo and Struga.

As Trajkovski pointed out at a press conference, among these ten markets there is not one of the five that were initially closed.

Trajkovski repeated that the mark "guaranteed price" should be next to the reduced prices of the products, and the additional ones, which are cheaper than the markets on their own initiative, should have the corresponding mark that clearly shows this.

He appeals to all unregistered traders to register by October 15 at the latest, because after that, he announced, intensified controls will follow.

 - In the past 10 days, we have made sure that anyone who does not respect the government measure will be punished, and anyone who applies dishonest trade practices will be imprisoned, and there will be no compromise for anyone.

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