The rain increased the inflow of water into the river Radika, and thus to Lake Debar

Accumulations / Source: MIA

Rainfall present for several days, increased the inflows from the smaller rivers and streams that flow into the river Radika, which caused an increased inflow of water in the reservoir "Debar Lake".

According to ESM officials, the inflow into the Radika Reservoir, which flows into the lake near Kosovrashki Most, is over 25 cubic meters of water per second, while the rest is from the Crn Drim River.

- As for the inflow of water in Lake Debar, it started to increase with the first rains. On the 26th of last month it was 10,01 cubic meters, the next day 19,86 m3 / sec to 64,51 cubic meters per second on November 29 and the following days an average of 50 cubic meters of water per second, confirm for MIA from ESM.

They add that the inflow changes daily depending on the rainfall, which means that it increases or decreases.

According to them, there is no concern about possible flooding, because although the elevation has risen by about two to three meters, the average elevation value for December has not yet been reached.

Source: MIA

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