Donev: A coalition formula for the government is inevitable, the vote passed peacefully

Bulgaria elections EPA-EFE/VASSIL DONEV

Bulgarian voters, who participated in the elections with their vote or refusal to vote, decided that the coalition formula for creating a government was inevitable. This was stated by acting Prime Minister Galab Donev before the start of today's government session, BTA reported.

"The voting was peaceful and transparent, according to the law. No significant violations were found. Citizens expressed their voices freely", pointed out Donev.

He said that one of the main tasks of the transitional government was to prepare and organize the early parliamentary elections on October 2. "Congratulations for the job well done to all the ministers who were directly involved," he said.

According to Donev, the low voter turnout in the elections and the significant vote for "I do not support anyone" are an occasion to analyze and reconsider the behavior of the parties.

"By not supporting anyone or voting, voters oblige Bulgarian politicians to offer a better version of themselves." In the coming days, the president will convene the 48th National Assembly. Despite the general expectations, we hope that it will have a long life, because we know best the serious need for an efficiently working parliament", added the Technical Prime Minister of Bulgaria.

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