A doctor saved two lives in three months in stadiums in England

Tom Pritchard engraved his name among the heroes of stadiums in England / Photo: EPA-EFE / PETER POWELL

English physician Tom Pritchard made his name among the heroes after saving two lives on the football field in England in three months.

Pritchard saved a fan of Newcastle three months ago in a match against Tottenham, which was interrupted due to a heart attack in the stands.

Pritchard was present at the match as a fan in civilian clothes, but with a quick reaction he saved the life of the fan. It all happened in October, and after the match he worked a night shift at North Teas Hospital in Stockton.

An almost identical situation happened to the great hero last night. This time he was on duty because he works in English second division Middlesbrough.

He was with Middlesbrough's medical team on a visit to Blackburn in the Championship, and with his colleague Chris Moseli he ran to help a fan who suffered a heart attack. The duo gave him first aid and saved his life, although the older gentleman in the stands showed no signs of life.

- Blackburn Rovers are pleased to announce that the senior gentleman, who received medical treatment during the match, is currently in stable condition in hospital - said the former English champion.

The accident happened in the middle of the second half in the Jack Walker stand. The match ended 1: 0 in favor of the hosts.

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