If the post offices go on strike, there will be no pension for Bulgarian citizens

Old people / Photo: Marina Kovacevic / Alamy / Alamy / Profimedia

More than three-quarters of the 8.000 people who work at "Bulgarian Post" have declared for the start of an effective strike. They are demanding a 25 percent salary increase and an increase in vouchers of 40 leva that are paid every month. If there is no result from the ongoing negotiations with the authorities, the post offices will stop working. This means that pensions may not be paid on time.

This is what the president of the Postal Union, Plamen Dimitrov, warned in an interview with Nova TV, reports "24Chasa". Expenses are becoming higher than income in every family. People's incomes are not growing at the same rate as store prices. Food prices continue to rise even when inflation is moderate.

On an annual level, the price of food has increased by 26-28 percent. Butter and eggs are breaking all kinds of records, he said. Experts point out that inflation in Bulgaria is high due to speculation.

"There is no other explanation why the prices of basic goods and services here are much higher than in some of our neighboring countries."

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