The time has come for them to massively go from the public sector to the private sector

Administration / Photo: "Free Press" - Dragan Mitreski

Every day there is an outflow of staff from the public to the private sector, claims Minister of Labor Jovanka Trenchevska. From the private sector, on the other hand, they are leaving abroad, and employers are looking for the import of workers

Workers are constantly looking for paid jobs. The public sector is no longer attractive for employment, and the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Jovanka Trenchevska, in an interview with Utrinski Pechat, revealed that there is a daily outflow of staff from the public sector to the private sector. However, there is no activity from the private sector, which does not complain that it lacks qualified and trained staff. The situation has been further aggravated by seasonal workers going to temporary work, but also by a large permanent outflow of labor.

Minister Trenchevska says that it is alarming that good workers leave the public sector, which creates major problems in its functioning.

- Good workers are leaving en masse from the public sector to the private sector. They also leave the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy every day. We have a pleasant communication, no mobbing, so the workers leave for higher wages. Everywhere in the world, salaries in the public sector are lower than in the private sector, and it should be like that - said Trenchevska.

The President of the Union of Workers from the Administration, Judicial Bodies and Citizens' Associations (UPOZ), Trpe Deanoski, in a conversation with "Utrinski Pechat" emphasized that most of the employees have an established salary around the minimum, and there is a huge generalization that everyone in the public sector does not work , which is not true.

- There are also ministers who say that employees in the public sector receive a salary and shake the door. It is devastating for them to say it. They are the ones who should organize the work - says Deanoski.

He emphasizes that in the public sector there are examples of very responsible professions, and where salaries are undignified.

- Here, let's take the court reporter as an example. He has neither a uniform nor a sign that he is a court deliveryman, he wears court mail for serious crimes, for various offenses, they call him all day long, they spit on him. He works from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m., without any protection from the judicial authorities and has a salary of 18.300 denars - Deanoski said indignantly.

But judging by the massive departure of young people, they are not satisfied with either the salaries or the working conditions in the private sector. Employers in the private sector are therefore pushing to allow easier entry of workers from abroad.

- My proposal is to gradually liberalize the importation of foreigners. In Macedonia, there are already several "import" agencies for the unemployed. I received an offer from an agency from Skopje for workers from Nepal. So, she negotiated, there are enough interested people there who already have experience with sewing machines, because she knows that I am from that branch, so she offered me something like that, but surely some of them talked to other countries as well. Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Philippines, Indonesia are countries where their wages are three times lower than ours, and I think there can be a discussion - said Angel Dimitrov, president of the Assembly of Employers' Organization, in an interview for MIA.

Zoran Kochoski from the agency for mediating work abroad "Kouzon", who was a guest on TV "24", said that importing labor from third world countries is difficult to do.

- Bringing labor from abroad initially costs 2.000 euros per worker due to the plane ticket, all permits, medical examinations and everything else. You should also provide him accommodation, transportation, as well as integration into the social and health system in Macedonia - says Kochoski.

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