The end of "Alan Ford" has come: The most popular comic in the former Yugoslavia will stop publication

Photo: Profimedia

The Italian comic book "Alan Ford" will stop publishing. The comic's 650th anniversary episode was recently released, and its creator Luciano Seki, known by the pseudonym Max Bunker, announced that the adventures of secret agents will end soon.

"I have to admit that I'm tired of 'Alan Ford.' We decided that there will be ten more issues and then the end will come. Alan Ford will replace him with a new character, this time female. It will be called Petra," Seki told "TGR Lombardia".

Cecchi, along with illustrator Roberto Raviola, created "Alan Ford" in 1969.

The story in the comic follows the adventures of several secret agents from the "TNT" group whose headquarters are located in a flower shop in New York. Although these agents are incompetent and lazy, when it comes to their own interests they are intelligent and cunning, and they always get what they want. These agents are led by their wheelchair-bound leader whom everyone addresses as "Number 1", he is a paralyzed old man with a long beard and a large nose whose real name and age are unknown.

The standard editions of "Alan Ford" are small format, always 120 pages divided into two pictures drawn in black and white technique.

Although in some countries, such as France and Denmark, "Alan Ford" did not get the desired popularity, this style became an important part of pop culture in the former Yugoslavia.

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