The agreement on the composition of the government is awaiting the revoting


After the re-voting on Wednesday, Mickoski expects to have 62 MPs, and "Vredi" in the "six" counts on MP plus. "Vredi" is now dropping the ball that it has been agreed that the presidential chair in the Parliament will belong to them as well as six ministerial positions and claims that the portfolios have not yet been divided.

The outcome of the re-voting of seven polling stations in the Fifth and Sixth electoral units is awaited to finalize the negotiations for the division of the government cake between VMRO-DPMNE and the "Vredi" coalition, because both Hristijan Mickoski's party and the Albanian coalition are hoping for an MP plus.

After voting on Wednesday, Mickoski expects VMRO-DPMNE to have 62 mandates, because as he himself stated, he has already secured 61 MPs. And "It's worth" the re-voting of one polling station in Želino in the "Six", according to MP Plus.
"Vredi", on the other hand, drops the ball that it has been agreed that the presidential chair in the Parliament will belong to them, as well as six ministerial positions, and now claims that the portfolios have not yet been divided.

Kasami: Ethnicity is not the most important thing for us

Biljal Kasami, one of the leaders of "Vredi", informs that the negotiation of the next government is going well. According to him, the principles of functioning of the government are discussed and the programs are harmonized. He hopes that they will arrange a competent government with professionals and ministers who will work for the good of the state and the citizens, regardless of their ethnicity.

- We are aware that in a multi-ethnic state and society such as Macedonia, not all ministers can be Albanians and Macedonians. But what does it matter? Whoever is in a ministry should work for all citizens, regardless of ethnic, religious or other affiliation. At this stage, we have an understanding between the partners who are negotiating the next government that no matter who will sit where, in which chair, they will have to work for all citizens. This is very important for us, because in the past, although there were many ministries that were led by Albanians, those ministries did not work enough for Albanians, Macedonians and other citizens. So, for us, ethnicity is not the most important thing for us to realize what we have promised - said Kasami.

After Arben Taravari's statement that they will get a president of the Assembly and six ministries and after he himself reiterated that there is no agreement yet, Kasami also confirmed today that when there is a final agreement, it will be announced to the public.

- It is part of the negotiation strategy, we can ask for half of the government, we can be offered very little, but in the end we will come to what will be the most suitable for all partners in the next government. What is most important, in the interest of the citizens - said Kasami.

Free Press has already announced that the initial positions of the "Vedi" coalition are the Speaker of the Parliament and five to six ministries, as opposed to Mickoski's initial offer - four, maximum five ministerial positions for the entry of "Vredi" into the government coalition. "Vredi" is interested in getting the portfolios of health, the vice prime minister's portfolio for political system, economy or education, and the portfolio of culture. VMRO-DPMNE, on the other hand, believes that the President of the Assembly remains in their hands, if we take into account the ratio of MPs, the initial 58, and now possible 62 mandates against 13 or possibly 14 mandates of "Vredi".
Mickoski hopes that after the re-voting on Wednesday, he will be able to say that they have not 61, but 62 MPs.

- Focusing on the people, we have a historic opportunity like never before, in these more than three decades. We need to complete the task, on May 22 there will be a re-voting in Electoral Unit 5, we expect one more MP there and already in my next address I believe that I will not talk about 61 MPs, but about 62 MPs - said Mickoski.

He reiterated that the next goal is to secure a two-thirds majority by the time the constituent session is scheduled for May 27.

- I believe that towards the end of next week we will be able to achieve that. This will allow us to change the law on the organization of departments in the government itself in order to get a new structure of a modern government, which will meet the needs of the citizens in Macedonia - said Mickoski.

However, from the re-voting in six polling stations in the Fifth Constituency, the coalition led by SDSM is also hoping for an additional MP, i.e. in the place of Ismail Jahoski from DUI, Bobby Mojsovski from LDP will become MP.

Fatmire Isaki may lose his parliamentary mandate

In any case, during the re-voting in the "six" and the "five" DUI could be the loser, because in the Sixth constituency the parliamentary mandate could be lost to Fatmire Isaki from the European Front.
And while VMRO-DPMNE, LDP and "Vredi" are hoping for more MPs, the decision to re-vote was strongly condemned by the European Front, and VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM accused them of election engineering and that the goal is for the Front not to be the second force in the country . The leader of DUI Ali Ahmeti expressed his fear that the injustice inflicted on the European front will also affect inter-ethnic relations. He announced that he would soon expose all the plans that were being made in the "red cellars".

- All political acrobatics, secret agreements in the red cellars that are made, are unacceptable and condemnable. Because they mean a step back and this should not be tolerated, but all parties should influence. We know all the details of the deals in the red cellars, the political deals. In the future, we will come out with details of all contracts and present them to the public - said Ahmeti.

From the "Vredi" coalition, they comment on Ahmeti's statements as a lack of power for the European Front to face reality, and have ordered it to act as a constructive opposition.
Ahmeti's statement that the re-voting could lead to inter-ethnic tensions was also commented on by Kasami today.

- Everyone talks to each other about what they know how to do. Ali Ahmeti, that's how he agreed in the past and that's how he acted in the past. Ali Ahmeti knows how he got these mandates that he got now. That is why he is panicking. We simply say – to give the citizens the opportunity to go out and vote on Wednesday. If he is sure of those votes he got, he should be calm that he will get them again. If he knows that he got them in a way that is not democratic, not fair, not the free will of the citizens, that is why he is in a panic. We say that we need to create conditions on Wednesday for those citizens to come out and vote according to their free will so that we can say who will be their representative in the Parliament. We hope that we will have a good result - said Kasami.

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