An infant hospitalized with pertussis at the Children's Clinic, the Infectious Diseases Commission will propose new measures

Photo: MIA

An eight-month-old infant with pertussis is hospitalized at the Children's Clinic in stable condition. It is unvaccinated, but has been kept for monitoring the condition, Professor Svetlana Kocheva confirmed for Thelma.

Depending on the current situation, the Commission for Infectious Diseases is expected to propose new measures on Tuesday. In a telephone conversation about Thelma, the first person of the Commission, Professor Petlichkovski, said last week that if the experience with the measles epidemic is taken into account, the Commission will give a recommendation to the State Health and Sanitary Inspectorate to oblige the kindergartens to make a list of vaccinated and unvaccinated and ban the admission of unvaccinated children despite the fact that such a measure could have worked much earlier.

Vaccination points also work on Saturdays. Vaccination has intensified since an epidemic of whooping cough or pertussis was declared in the area of ​​Skopje.

According to the last weekly report of the IJZ, 56 new cases of whooping cough were registered, as many as 54 of them are in Skopje.

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