Dodik changed his mind and backed EUFOR's stay in BiH

Milorad Dodik

Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik supported the stay of the EUFOR Mission in the country.

After the meeting with Lieutenant General Bryce Hoodett, operational commander of the EUFOR Althea mission in BiH, Dodik wrote on Twitter that the conversation was open and direct.

"I additionally understood the role of the Althea mission and its role in BiH has my support now and in the future," Dodik wrote. "If there is a stalemate in the Security Council decision-making, I think the BiH presidency should ask the EU Althea to continue its mission in BiH."

The EUFOR mandate in BiH was last extended in November last year.

Earlier this year, Dodik said on several occasions that he would oppose a new extension.

Dodik's position is different from the one he expressed at the end of April, when he said that he would no longer support the extension of the mandate of EUFOR, whose soldiers, as he said at the time, patrolling cities, "come in armored vehicles in front of schools, kindergartens and institutions. "

Dodik also spoke today with the head of the EU Delegation to BiH, Johann Satler, about what he described as "modalities that could accelerate" BiH's accession to the EU.

"Republika Srpska and BiH intend to become members of the European Union. "I met Satler about the modalities that could accelerate that," Dodik wrote.

Source: MIA

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