While the Alliance for Albanians is looking for a package-offer with functions, Kovacevski convinces Gashi not to leave the Government

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While the president of the Alliance for Albanians (AA) Arben Taravari expects on Friday an offer from Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski and an initial agreement on the allocation of portfolios for AA's entry into the government, Kovacevski has yet to convince government partner Afrim Gashi, the leader of Alternativa, to the department of health gave way, but also to remain in the government majority. An alternative as a compromise will offer Kovacevski a new minister of health, most likely in the vice president of the Assembly, the rheumatologist Husni Ismaili. Otherwise, it will leave the Government.

According to the information of "Sloboden Pechat", it will be known by Monday at the latest whether AA will be the new government partner, but also whether Alternativa will leave "Ilindenska", after which the parliamentary session for the reconstruction of the Government is expected.

A senior official from Alliance briefs that they expect to receive an offer from Kovacevski for personnel solutions by Friday. Alliance demands that all positions from ministers to directors be closed in a package and that it be known by Monday whether there will be an agreement on expanding the government majority. At the same time, AA says that the health sector can be the compromise for Alternative to remain in power.

"If our top program priority is the fight against corruption and crime and we take responsibility for that, then all the positions we get should be resolved in a package, that is, that the Alliance will participate in important positions in the Ministry of the Interior, the Internal Revenue Service, Customs, and inspectorates. Otherwise, we will remain in the opposition," says the official.

It is interesting that Taravari informed Kovacevski that if they fail to reach an agreement, the Alliance will remain in the opposition and will provide support as a minority government for six months.

Alliance leaves Kovacevski to manage relations with government partners, especially with Alternativa.

Last night, the closest leadership of Alternativa had to position themselves and come up with their own proposals after Kovacevski and Taravari agreed programmatically "90 percent". The Vice-President of the Assembly Husni Ismaili told "Sloboden Pechat" that at the party meeting he expects to discuss the possible entry of AA into the Government, President Gashi to inform about the talks with the Prime Minister and whether the idea of ​​Gashi offering a compromise for the health department due to dissatisfaction will be formalized of Kovacevski from Minister Bekim Sali. The compromise would be for Alternative to keep the ministry, but replace Sali, and replace him with Ismaili.

"For now it's just an idea. "Tonight we will see if that idea will be an option of Alternative," Ismaili told us.

He does not want to prejudge whether he would accept being proposed as the new Minister of Health.

"I haven't thought about it. It's a big commitment. I know, because I was the Minister of Culture. The health department is huge. I will think about it if the offer is serious," says Ismaili.

Alternative does not comment on whether, as a possible compromise, the party will officially come up with an offer to keep the Ministry of Health with a new minister.

"Alternative's party authorities have not yet taken a final position regarding the current development of the political situation in North Macedonia. When that happens, the citizens will be immediately informed about all decisions from our side," said Alternativa.

A senior official from Gashi's party says that this will be the compromise offer and that if Kovacevski refuses it, they will leave the government.

Kovacevski, after the meeting with Taravari, and before the meeting of the Executive Board (EB) of the party, stated that they had meetings with Alternativa and that in the coming days, new ones will be held for the eventual entry of AA into the Government. Although SDSM's EO gave the green light to continue talks on a possible expansion of the government majority, it remains open how Kovacevski will convince Gashi to say goodbye to "health" and stay in the government.

The dilemma was opened with the entry of Alliance, the public impression is that the Government is being "albanized". To this, Kovacevski repeated that the ethnic balance in the Government will be maintained, most likely with a rotation of portfolios between SDSM and DUI. SDSM is also trying to give Alternative a portfolio, because it cannot have three ministries with three MPs, which would mean a renegotiation of the agreement for Alternativa's entry into the Government.

The intention is for Alternative to remain on "Ilindenska", otherwise the coalition capacity of SDSM with the parties of the Albanians will be damaged, because the impression will be that the social democrats are chasing one government partner every year. Regarding the possible compromise proposal of Alternativa to keep "health" with a new minister, the comments from SDSM are that it is not about the minister, but about the department.

Tupanchevski: A quick change of ministers is not the best solution

In the Ministry of Justice, there is no burden regarding the announced possibility that exactly that department will be part of the reconstruction due to the entry of the Alliance for Albanians into the Government, said the Minister of Justice Nikola Tupanchevski. He also believes that he is not sure that the rapid change of ministers can result in positive changes.

- Absolutely, I as a minister, as well as the Ministry of Justice, are not burdened by this development of events. I am not sure that the quick change of ministers is the best solution, but definitely not everything depends on the Ministry of Justice - said Tupancevski.

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