He won 40 million pounds in the lotto, left his wife, and his mistress made him hell

Garrett Bell and Donna Desporte/ Photo: Printscreen/Facebook

Lotto Millionaire is living proof that those who are lucky in money are not lucky in love, and things really got complicated for him.

Garrett Bull got the permanent injunction that prevented it Donna Desporte to publish a book detailing their life together.

Bull, 52, won the lottery jackpot in January 2012, winning up to Фу 40.627.241 of the EuroMillions draw. At that time he was married to Katharina, and the couple has two sons. But they are they separated in 2016 and divorced the following year. Gareth, who hails from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, has been romantically involved with Don, after meeting in a bar in the Spanish resort of Tenerife in October 2016.

The High Court in London granted a permanent injunction in 2019 preventing Donna from publishing details about Garrett in her book. Bar owner Donna published an e-book called "Google Me, No Lies" about his nine-month relationship with the former bricklayer. She spoke of how he courted her while on holiday in Tenerife, using the catchphrase: 'Google me'. But High Court rulings banned her from publishing passages about Garrett, as well as using four photos he had "privately taken".

She was also granted a restraining order in 2021 that prevented her from taking legal action against him. Donna, in her nine-month relationship with Garrett, filed a series of lawsuits that caused him "unnecessary confusion, anxiety and distress", the High Court ruled. She insisted she had the right to speak publicly about their relationship to counter accusations that she was after men with money.

However, Judge Julian Knowles said there was no public interest in her writing about their sexual relationship. He also branded her behavior "totally unacceptable", while saying the ongoing dispute had become so "complicated" that her legal team were struggling to keep up. Judge Knowles said: "Donna Desport has persistently made completely baseless allegations in a series of proceedings over a long period of time. Experienced judges at all levels, from the Master to the Court of Appeal, have confirmed that they are completely without foundation."



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