Maricic: Until 2030, it is possible to reform some rules in the EU in order to accept new members

Bojan Maricic - Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

Citizens will feel what it's like to be part of the European Union much earlier than expected. Until 2030 it is possible to reform some rules in the EU to accept new members and until then it is possible to reform our countries to be ready for membership. It is important to have a goal, because if this moment is missed, we can only count on the rise of nationalism, said the Vice Prime Minister for European Affairs Bojan Maricic.

Today, at a conference organized by the Kalevi Sorsa Foundation on the topic "Looking ahead to the countries of the Western Balkans in the EU, taking advantage of the momentum for enlargement", he said that if we miss this moment now, we can only count on the rise of nationalism and those political actors and causes that have emptied our states of young people and that convince us that a strategy of waiting is a good strategy.

Maricic indicated that the process of screening ends next week, and as he said, we will reach a point of fulfilling all the prerequisites, with the exception of the constitutional amendments.

"This is a real opportunity that needs to be seized because it won't last very long." The screening process went very intensively, very quickly, and it ends next week, in terms of fulfilling the key road signs, which is the rule of law, public administration... we will submit this as a document by the end of the year, with which we will come up to a point of meeting prerequisites with the exception of constitutional amendments, which for us are a political requirement. Otherwise, we fulfill all other technical and political conditions", Maricic added.

In the discussion, Maricic also focused on the Growth Plan. He added that with this Plan the countries of the Western Balkans can get a "revolutionary" decision on the expansion of the European Union.

"With the Growth Plan, for the first time, opportunities are opened for inclusion in programs in which we have not been included before, which also enables access to financial assistance that will enable the realization of the reforms most necessary for the realization of the process. 2030 should be an indicative year with a plan to include the countries of the Western Balkans. I welcome the bold policy of the EU for the growth of the union and the strategy they are planning for the enlargement", Maricic added.

He underlined once again that we must not miss the moment now as a country.

"We must not miss this moment, we have no time to wait, we must take the chance to join the European front where everyone is involved. "Don't enter the tunnel of waiting, which can be a loss of precious time for us," added Maricic at the conference.

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