Daily horoscope for August 9: It is important to channel your energy correctly

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Illustration: SP. / Photo: NASA, RawPixel

We present it to you daily horoscope behind 9 August, see what the stars are predicting for you today.


You want to prove your abilities in front of your colleagues, but you can't decide on the best solution. In a love relationship, it is well known what is whose role. Make your partner live up to your expectations. Be categorical. You need to accumulate positive energy.


You need to agree with colleagues to respect different business interests, use your diplomatic manners. Someone is asking you for emotional intimacy, but there are complications that slow you down. It is important to have a good idea and a strong will. Be encouraged and say what's on your mind.


Avoid getting too close to your co-workers because that way you won't get the results you expect from them. Don't cross the line that separates the private from the professional. You notice that your partner shrewdly and skillfully ignores your ideas. But you cannot influence someone's will and decisions.


You have the opportunity to test your intellectual or practical abilities, do everything in your power to make a good impression. You realize that you can't get everything you want from your partner, but you still don't know how to enjoy what you have. Excessive worry affects your concentration badly.


If you are in a sensitive phase, let your colleagues deal with more complicated tasks that require a lot of effort. In an emotional relationship there is a limit of mutual respect, but the loved one shows excessive arbitrariness. Talk about the things that bother you.

The Maiden

You are in an unusual business situation. Many of the questions you have remain unsatisfactorily answered for now. Don't let suspicion of your loved one or bad mood get the better of you. You need a positive thought. There is no need to burden yourself with heavy responsibilities.


The praise you receive from your co-workers is encouraging and binding. You need a better selection of business contacts. Pay enough attention to a close person. There is no reason to suffer an "emotional defeat" and delude yourself with false hopes. Avoid situations that disturb you mentally.


You need to take an active role or focus on more practical solutions. It will show that success is on your side. You seem satisfied and inspiring, you receive emotional support from a person who has an important place in your life. Do something useful to support a better look and a better mood.


You feel too much pressure at work. One of your colleagues or superiors is trying to impose their opinion on you. Avoid challenges that can harm you. In relation to a loved one, use the "proven recipe" for emotional rapprochement. You will succeed in convincing your partner about something that means a lot to you.


Be wise and take someone's advice to prevent further complications. Your colleagues don't even bother to understand your ideas. Don't despair. Someone does not meet your emotional expectations, but you are tolerant and understanding. You will benefit from a longer evening walk.


Remember that you should always protect your business interests. Set a limit up to which you are willing to take business responsibility. Certain "little things" are sometimes crucial in solving the puzzle. Analyze the loved one more carefully if you doubt their intentions.


The conflict in dealing with business interests creates additional tension in relations with co-workers, be careful enough. Plan a romantic party for two. A mysterious evening awaits you that will positively affect your mood and motivation. It is important to channel the energy correctly.

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