Daily horoscope for December 5: With your manners you will enchant everyone around you

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What do the stars predict for us today? Illustration: SP. / Photo: NASA, RawPixel


Be careful in some new investments. This is not the time for impulsive reactions and big changes. You tend to criticize your partner for various things, but you are probably also criticized. You are not sure how to realize what you have previously imagined.


You may overestimate a chance. You want change, and the circumstances are somehow complicated, so it's not time to react. You may miss the expected support. You are experiencing some emotional difficulties. You need to solve some problems from the past and move on with your life.


You still do not have the opportunity to realize your plans. You need support or advice. The only thing that can limit you is the desire to be independent at all costs. Wherever you are, you simply draw attention to yourself. In addition, you are faced with various comments, perhaps even direct interference. You will feel good.


Business circumstances are improving. You start a private business or business where you can make good money. You need to define exactly what you want and what your business terms are. With your manners you will enchant everyone around you. However, you may be overwhelmed by the feeling of emptiness and the desire to withdraw. No matter what, some excitement awaits you.


Enjoy the company of ambitious people or like-minded people. But be careful in some new investments. Avoid arguments and focus on what you want. Emotionally, it's time to relax. Your dominant nature is in the foreground, and it will not reflect well on the loved one or potential partner.

The Maiden

Your self-control and analytics seem to be failing. This is an ideal time to go on vacation or sick leave. Most will be disorganized and make initial mistakes. An interesting emotional encounter is possible, so it's time for action. Through friends, you can meet someone who will interest you.


You need to express your ambitions. You have a chance for some new and interesting business collaborations that should not be neglected. You need to make some compromises in your emotional life as well. As much as you are attracted to change, you are also afraid to take a step forward.


Ahead of you is a period of change. If you are offered a part-time job, accept it. Want to change jobs? Do it, success will come soon. You have been in a relationship for some time that you need to define. You can meet someone through a friend or online. Your partner's jealousy can irritate you. Balance responsibilities and pay more attention to the person you love.


Your efforts will finally be noticed. Someone will like the ideas you realize in deeds. If you want change or progress, now is the time. Hope comes back to you when it comes to love. Those who are free will find an interesting acquaintance with a mysterious person. For some, a secret relationship is in sight. Take time and relax.


The ideas you had in the previous period are now becoming feasible. Adapt to some new circumstances and make the desired changes. Emotionally, you are burdened by certain doubts. However, you will be more open in communication, so it will bring you a little relief.


You can turn your dissatisfaction into a very good motive. The money comes from two sides or you have the opportunity to earn extra money. Emotionally, you can attract the attention of someone who is mature and has similar interests. However, be careful as it may be a busy person.


Finally you have the opportunity to grow your business or stabilize your finances. However, you still need to take care of the relationship with co-workers. You feel you have to fight for your partner's affection. Disagreements on certain issues are highlighted, but do not engage in exhausting discussions.

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