Daily horoscope for December 4: A relaxed working day awaits you

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We present you the daily horoscope for December 4, see what the stars are predicting for you today.


You have a great day ahead for all kinds of negotiations and agreements about starting some new ideas and projects. Establishing new business contacts is possible. Don't be a protester when you present your ideas, and don't judge other people's behavior unless there is a good reason to do so. You have a bad feeling or need to check on a loved one. You look tense and suspicious. You need to get rid of stressful situations, relax.


Taurus, assert yourself, your way of organization, no matter how much others try to hinder you. You won't like anyone's ideas. You can come up with a clever solution and practical explanation for your colleagues. Emotional satisfaction awaits you, which will fill you with positive energy. Enjoy your chosen company. You are in good psychophysical shape.


The changing atmosphere in the field of business activities will contribute to the majority of Gemini being scattered in several directions. Try to focus on the most important activities first. However, your ideas are getting a positive response. You will take care of achieving wider business affirmation and fulfilling various criteria for successful cooperation. If you want a new exciting pastime, use your charm in accordance with the emotional inspiration. You are in great shape.


Rakovi continues the period of successful engagement in the field of business activities. Today you will be without major challenges and obstacles. You are in an unusual business situation, you have the impression that one of the colleagues is testing your capabilities or patience. Don't let a wave of doubt or a sense of emotional resignation towards your loved one overwhelm you. You will enjoy psychophysical relaxation.


Leos, although energy and motivation are not disputed, today you still need to be patient when it comes to making important decisions related to further business engagement. Your critical nature or extra persistence in business circles is interpreted in different ways. However, that won't stop you from speaking your mind. Do not forget that there is a line between practical interests and emotional satisfaction.

The Maiden

The change of some circumstances in the field of realization of business goals during this day should not be a major problem for you. You worry about proving your abilities in front of your colleagues, but you can't decide on the best solution. In a love relationship, it is well known what is whose role. Make your loved one live up to your expectations. Be categorical. You need to accumulate positive energy.


Libra, a relaxed working day awaits you, you will complete the planned duties without major problems. Do whatever it takes to combine nice with useful in some new business situations. Choose your words carefully in front of an elderly person. Be imaginative enough and come up with an interesting pastime for you and your loved one. Spend time together.


A fairly active and dynamic day is ahead for most Scorpios. Most of the tasks can be completed with excellent results. Pay attention to meetings or interesting ideas that have a significant impact on the further course of business cooperation. Try to maintain an optimistic mood and trust in your partner.


Today, the positive atmosphere and good communication with the business environment are a sufficient basis to be satisfied with the successful completion of obligations. You don't like someone's role in joint negotiations, but sooner or later everything will fall into place. You lack patience, and your loved one lacks the courage or drive to face common problems. Pay attention to proper nutrition and health prevention.


Capricorns, a great day awaits you in the professional field. Good communication, understanding and support from colleagues, if you work in a team, gives you excellent opportunities for advancement. You judge things based on their practical application or their value. With all due respect to reason, you should also follow your "inner voice" or the rhythm of your feelings. Do something that will help you feel better.


Aquarians, during this day you will spend a lot of energy primarily on communication and discussions about future business plans and their implementation. Don't overstate your knowledge or abilities at work. Sometimes small details decide the final results. The emotional situation is changing, but you should not be "smothered" in false hope. Be careful before you say anything. Devote the evening hours to relaxation or your favorite hobby.


It would be wise to implement your business plans and ideas gradually, step by step. You will look suspicious when meeting your superiors. If you stray too far from the common themes, additional complications await you. In certain situations, a loved one suffers with you, but you persistently deny it with the intention of changing things in your favor. Excessive worry affects your concentration badly.

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