Daily horoscope for December 4: Use your inner energy.

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What do the stars predict for us today? Illustration: SP. / Photo: NASA, RawPixel

We present you the daily horoscope for December 4, see what the stars predict for you today.


Focus on activities that require constant dynamism. Those born in the second decade of this sign could have a problem in the relationship. See a doctor if you have any minor problems. Those who are married or in a relationship can expect a short trip that will make the relationship even more romantic.


Examine your vulnerability. Do not try to pretend that you are something you are not. Keep in mind that you can be who you really are. If you are planning to go out with your friends, try to have a good time, but be careful not to make an unwanted scene that will attract the attention of others.


This is your day and do not let anyone ruin it for you. It is very important to focus completely on what you want to achieve. Do not waste so much time thinking about how to get there. Just get started. The starting point is important.


Open up and show your sensitive side. The more you are willing to share your feelings with others, the more others will share their feelings with you. Your mind and feelings are balanced and you should use that as an advantage. Expand your views and use them in a way that rationally approaches your emotions.


It is possible to have unpredictable events today. If you've been postponing certain things for a long time, today is the perfect day to do so. Look broadly and most importantly believe in yourself. Maintain your adventurous spirit, but always be down to earth. This is the only way to protect yourself from unwanted and unpleasant situations.

The Maiden

You have a tremendous ability to feel what is happening beneath the surface of every situation you face. You may need to make sure that the person you are counting on is on your side. Do not criticize others so much because you can create enemies.


You want gossip that you think is harmless. However, you are not even aware of how much that gossip can hurt the person you are talking to. If you already want to say something to that person, do it in front of her. Feelings can be easily hurt nowadays, and in addition, people instinctively know when someone is speaking badly about them. In the field of love, try to keep things under control.


When it comes to today's decisions, do what is best for you. Do not worry about your conscience if you have to do something today. Do it because you want to do it, not because you feel obligated to someone. Your only duty is yourself.


Today is the day when you need to rest your body and spirit from recent activities. Pay attention to the details you did not pay attention to while having fun. Trust and listen to your intuition even though it is the opposite of what is in front of you.


This is an ideal day for you, because your mind is clear and your emotions are stable. Use this powerful combination to increase your desires and opportunities and show your emotional side to others. Today is the day when you can achieve some of your long-unfulfilled goals. Try.


Use your inner energy. Make a list of priorities. It's time to get better organized. Pay special attention to the details of a project you are working on, and be patient. Focus. Slow down the crazy pace and find time to enjoy the beautiful things.


You will be able to harmonize all aspects of your life. Everything will go your way as you wish and in exactly the order you expect. Be confident and self-assured. More than ever, you will find a solution to every situation. Your incredible power of perception will help you to see certain things that many have failed to notice.

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