Daily horoscope for December 3: It's time to finally treat yourself and think of yourself first

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We present you the daily horoscope for December 3, see what the stars predict for you today.


Your psychic abilities, imagination and intuition will be at a very high level. The energy you radiate will attract many people. Just make sure they don't wear you out. People around you will want you to lift their spirits. Make sure it's not the other way around and negative people don't rob you of your positivity.


Today you will be challenged by a colleague who admires you, but is also a little envious of you. This will be very interesting for you. You may soon become great friends. In the evening, your brain will be very tense. Make sure you don't get into an argument with someone and find a way to relax.


You are a noble and compassionate person by nature. Today you are likely to be preoccupied with a world problem, such as hunger or environmental pollution. Don't burden other people with it. Try to understand that you cannot save the world and relax.


Today you will be obsessed with your love life. You won't be particularly realistic, so be careful not to make a problem unnecessarily. Your artistic abilities are very expressive, so it would not be bad to direct your emotions to creative work and use them in a positive way. This is the best solution for you.


Today you feel especially emotional and full of passion, so you will want to spend this day with a loved one. As far as money is concerned, everything is in the best order and will remain so in the future. Your psychic power and intuition will be at a high level in the afternoon. Feel free to rely on them.

The Maiden

Today is a good day to improve things on the love front. If you are single, you have a chance to meet an interesting person. If you are in a relationship, you are likely to take it to a new, higher level. When it comes to friendships, pay attention to how honest they are. You believe blindly, and it may happen that someone else is not as sincere as you.


Today is an ideal day for creative endeavors. You have so many ideas. Today is the right time to decide on one and translate it into action. In the afternoon you will experience a surge of emotions, so do not make important decisions, so that you do not regret it later.


Your charm and cheerfulness will be at the peak today. You will be very attractive and don't be surprised if even strangers pay attention to you. Romantic movies and novels are the right choice for the evening. Alone or in company, satisfy your needs and relax.


Dedicate today to beautifying your home. If you've been thinking about painting, making a layout or a large storage closet, today is the right time to do it. Get rid of old pictures and replace them with new and fresh ones. In the afternoon, someone you don't expect can declare their love for you.


Today, expect a conversation with a friend who will open your eyes to something you are wrong about. The truth can hurt. Do not take offense and argue, but think twice if it is right. Love knows how to be blind, and friendship should last.


You will get some money today. It can be a gift, debt repayment, bonus or something else you don't expect. Don't spend this money on some practical things. Buy yourself something you like and relax. You are mostly rational. Today is the time to finally treat yourself and think only of yourself.


You will look and feel great today. Your charm and sociability will be at a high level and you will be a social darling wherever you appear. If you receive an invitation to an interesting event in the evening, do not refuse. You are in for a great time.

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