Daily horoscope for December 3: You miss the feeling of romance and tenderness

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What do the stars predict for us today? Illustration: SP. / Photo: NASA, RawPixel

We present you the daily horoscope for December 3, see what the stars predict for you today.


Success comes to you because you have been well prepared before, with a great plan. Therefore, you will be rewarded with a large cash flow, or with a salary increase and promotion. When it comes to emotional life, your partner is hiding from you because he is afraid of your strength and energy.


It is advisable today not to start anything related to work before charging the batteries. Plan activities as much as possible outside of the workplace and talk to loved ones - these two things will give you back your enthusiasm. You have harmful habits in love, and if you do not change them, you will do the greatest damage to yourself.


Today you will be so in the mood and enthusiastic that you will do many things without planning them in advance. You are determined to turn off your brain and indulge your instincts. Spontaneity will mark your day. Imperfections will not bother you anymore. Your self-confidence is at the maximum level.


Do not be surprised by the tense relations with your loved ones today, you will have to control your reactions. A calm approach to financial problems will be a partial solution. In love your partner will need you, so do not be selfish. As ridiculous as the situation may seem to you, the key is support.


The rebellious nature that sleeps in you will wake up today, so you will not be able to keep silent. Feel free to talk about problems, fight against injustices and be the voice of those who are not heard. You will be like a magnet for positive people, so laughter will prevail around you.

The Maiden

Today you must be more physically active if you want to maintain your mood and health. Intuition will help you if you are faced with decisions related to the future. There is no need to bring tension in love. Ask questions calmly. That way you will get the answer you want.


Everything will "boil" in you and you will not allow this day to pass passively. You will love action, socializing, work, so you will want to be surrounded by people who will push you towards challenges and exciting moments. You are a person of action. For you, a day without work is an empty day. You do not want to be idle, you want to contribute.


Trust your long-term visions and plans today. Avoid negative comments that may shake your mind. Privately, approach every problem calmly, otherwise the stress will affect your relationship, but also your life in general. Therefore, be more direct in love.


Today you will openly show your feelings, especially those that are romantic. Maybe someone can help you win the heart of the one you like. You will be grateful for his service. Do not look for logic in everything that happens around you. You will not be able to find an explanation for many things.


You will carefully discuss with colleagues, listen to their ideas and solve problems that have been delayed for a long time. Avoid tense business calls. You need better financial organization. In love, freely engage in love challenges, you miss the feeling of romance and tenderness.


You will be overwhelmed with optimism today. You have a bright future ahead of you, but you will not sit idly by waiting for someone to give it to you on a platter. You will work for her. And do not be modest. Ask a lot and you will get a lot. All the goals you have set, try to achieve them. You put a lot of effort into everything you do.


In business, you need to be more focused on working with others. At all costs you want to leave a positive impression on colleagues and co-workers. Especially due to the fact that there is a person among them who you like very much. You know the rule that work and pleasure should not be confused. Therefore, be careful.

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