Daily horoscope for November 26: Listen to your intuition

daily horoscope
Illustration: SP. / Photo: NASA, RawPixel

We present you the daily horoscope for November 26, see what the stars predict for you today.


Listen to your inner voice when it tells you that you are too hasty in your decisions. Sometimes you just have to stop and think. An improvement in relations with a person from the recent past awaits you. Be careful how you behave, and the stars will be in your favor for a new romance.


Improved relations with associates and intensive development of events in your favor. Do not overdo it with hedonism, devote yourself to your body and soul care. Be present more in your partner's life and listen to him. Take a walk in the fresh air.


You will feel that something is "missing", but in order to have a real doubt about it, consult your closest associates in whom you trust. Don't lose hope when things don't go your way – there are days when all the planets are just slow for your temperament.


Let the emotion that adorns you during this period be your guide to create a good working environment. In communicating with people you are always fair and correct, but do not forget that your voice and attitude are also important. Turn your thoughts into action. You have a nice experience on a private level.


Don't worry about the current chaos in which you are forced to follow instead of act, there is a reason why it is. Devote yourself to external activities that preoccupy you with good energy and bring you personality development. You will have contact with a person who will change your day for the better.

The Maiden

You will be relaxed in communication with colleagues, but beware of unverified decisions or rumors – sometimes it is better to stay away. Arrange your budget so that you don't have headaches until the end of the month and dedicate yourself to the well-being of the home, surprise your partner.


Self-made success will allow you to make new rules for where you are. Your requests can only come true if you ask for them out loud. You are more infatuated with emotions than reality, so be careful how you treat a potential person.


Some of your ideas will be recognized as brilliant, so be steady and don't give in to vanity when you find out. Cooperation with your colleagues should be at a professional level. You will enjoy the attention you will receive from the opposite sex, and those in long relationships will finally open up about what is bothering them.


As much as you want to dominate, sometimes you just have to deviate from your beliefs. In your relationship with your partner, you have doubts that something has not been done, done, and you yourself are aware that you are not in the best place. Open the cards and listen to yourself.


The inner voice tells you that you need a quick reaction in certain relationships with colleagues. Do not rush decisions that have already been made. Do your best to smooth out love relationships with simplicity, without being, as always, too rational. Emotion will not hurt you.


Your natural human character is really needed in the company and in the working atmosphere you are in, but don't waste yourself freely on everyone. In certain spheres you have to show yourself, and in others you have to settle down. Devote more time to your partner.


You will gain nothing if you remain silent. Talk about those things that are important to you in the working relationship, because you will receive unexpected support. In your relationship with your partner, be a little more caring and stop being a victim – your perspective will change.

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