Daily horoscope for October 22: You will feel wanted and loved

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We present you the daily horoscope for October 22, see what the stars predict for you today.


You will be reserved because of the strange planetary energy. You fantasize a lot. Reality is something completely different. The stars advise you to relax and think about your dreams. Be honest and say everything you think without exaggeration and acting, because you will be pleasantly surprised by the answer.


You will breathe under the influence of today's planetary energy. You will have the opportunity to be who you are. Today, you will tell everyone who approaches you, including your partner, that you can do nothing for them but have casual conversations that are not difficult, strange, embarrassing, or humiliating.


Ahead of you is a very harmonious day for all kinds of relationships - love, friendship or platonic. Planetary energy provides an opportunity for greater openness and a willingness to share warmth and love. The conversations you have will make you happy. This is a wonderful day for fun. Relax.


Under the influence of today's planetary energy you will have the opportunity to shine in a strange situation, as well as to agree on something that has been bothering you for a long time. You can give your partner confidence if you put a little effort around him and make him feel special.


Before you is a day when everything will be slow but sweet. It is possible to talk about everything, but not about love. However, this will give you the opportunity to "digest" the past turbulent love events a little. If you have a partner, of course there is harmony between you, and you are not aware of it. Open your eyes.

The Maiden

A day to enjoy. You will have a great time with your partner and you will feel incredible closeness. If you have experience with fragrant essential oils, consider a massage that will definitely take you to the seventh heaven. People want someone to take care of them and make them feel special. You work on it and you will be rewarded.


Astral energy indicates that you need relaxation when it comes to a particular love affair. You have probably had a very tumultuous and a little nervous period. Finally, you have the impression that the whole burden has fallen on your shoulders. Feel free to stretch out in the armchair, because the cosmos will make sure everything is in order.


You will be grateful for today's huge energy that will bring you a great mood. You will feel wanted and loved. Today you can relax and let everything go its own way. Share your feelings, be open, be honest and confident. Others will treat you with respect.


Expect a romantic end to the day. If you are in a relationship, you will feel a strong spark between you and your loved one, and if you are alone, the stars will bring you a person who fits your standards for an ideal love partner. Creativity also awakens in you, so you will be inspired to make a turnaround.


Because you want to be surrounded by new people, you will focus on activities that will bring you new acquaintances. With your wise words you will attract attention wherever you appear. You will not be able to bear the loneliness and you will plan more meetings with friends. You will have a great party with great company.


Your disagreements will mainly come from your partner, or from your environment, but also due to some activities in the workplace. The beginning and the end of the day can be a little more nervous than usual, especially in the morning when due to some of your misconceptions you will be very indisposed and disappointed.


Your energy is focused on your career, and you will push everything else into the background. You have probably forgotten the promise of dedication to your family. You may be disappointed if you continue to expect too much from people who promise things succinctly anyway. Never forget to listen to your inner voice.

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