Daily horoscope for May 21: Avoid potential conflicts

What do the stars predict for us today? Illustration: SP. / Photo: NASA, RawPixel

We present the daily horoscope for May 21, see what the stars predict for you today.


If you are sure of your business vision, don't let them convince you of opposite solutions or opposing your will. You need someone's support to fully realize your business intentions. It is important to be inspiring enough for your loved one. In a love encounter, don't leave anything to chance.


Observe your surroundings more closely and do whatever it takes to clarify common dilemmas. You must meet the business criteria according to the degree of importance or in accordance with mutual agreement. If you miss someone's presence, look for a suitable replacement or person with similar interests.


You refuse to accept someone's role in the negotiations and do not want to be outside the mainstream of the business scene. You are guided by your moral principles and insist on some effective solutions. Someone encourages you to be in the mood and take an active role in different situations. You know how to create a romantic atmosphere and attract attention.


You do not like to know that someone has hidden intentions. That is why you insist on a joint calculation. Avoid potential conflicts and try to use your practical intelligence and intuitive abilities properly. Someone starts confusing or worrying you with their capricious behavior.


There is no reason to expect great benefits or someone's consent. Focus on some practical goals. It is important to properly evaluate the range of moves that lead to business success. Refrain from various provocations. Someone's behavior or emotional role can easily deceive you. Be wise and careful enough. You do not have to express everything you think.

The Maiden

You don't like to know that someone criticizes your ideas, so you try to change the circle of collaborators. Avoid rash behavior, because the mistakes you make can have a double effect. Pay attention to new events that remain silent for unknown reasons or to someone's unusual behavior.


You need confidential information to complete your obligations on time or to meet various criteria for successful cooperation. You should not be deceived by the various benefits that offer only a temporary solution. You may lack restraint and emotional discretion in the close contacts you have with one person.


You have the impression that someone else comes to the fore more often or sets new rules of business behavior, and this negatively affects your concentration. Correct the mistakes in time because there is always a way out and a good solution. The loved one seems in a good mood. You need someone's presence as an expression of sincere affection.


There is no reason to believe in some new information coming from unknown sources. Carefully analyze your collaborators and new developments. However, an overdose of curiosity may seem like a negative trait in one's eyes. Rely on your intuition to try to solve some new emotional dilemmas correctly.


Do not let anyone exaggerate your failure or punish you for outstanding bills. Meeting a person may seem like an awkward situation, but keep your self-confidence and learn a good lesson from business contacts. Forget about some unusual or adventurous desires that can complicate your love affair and peaceful sleep.


If you are anxious to show your intellectual or practical abilities, find a suitable opponent. You need to set more precise goals and maintain a positive goal. Meeting a person may not fully represent your dream of great happiness, but it certainly announces an interesting experience and a series of new pleasures in emotional life.


Sometimes your arbitrariness in dealing with co-workers or excessive energy in actions, irritate the environment. That is why you are followed by negative comments or critical words. The partner does not understand enough about your emotional needs by not paying special attention to your resentment or dissatisfaction.

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