Daily horoscope for December 2: No one can take away your charm

What do the stars predict for us today? Illustration: SP. / Photo: NASA, RawPixel

We present you the daily horoscope for December 2, see what the stars predict for you today.


You are unreliable in the suggestions given to you by co-workers and colleagues, because the other party can not give you guarantees. You definitely should not rush. It bothers you that you are bothering someone, and that person does not answer your calls. It's time to dump her and move on.


Today you will have great support from the people you work with and of course it will be very useful for you, because you have a lot of things to do. The relationship with the emotional partner will not be the best, and in the evening a short argument is possible. Nothing scary, but be careful not to become routine.


Today it is important to make a decision about work, but most of the day you will be hesitant about it. Try to withdraw from the responsibilities so that you can think with a cold head. You're not sure how to react to a person's courtship, and you really like it.


Throughout the month you will constantly spend money on trifles, decorations and gifts, and you will have many birthdays, celebrations. Just do not overdo it, something must remain for you. You have a new beginning in every field. It is a period when you will evaluate what you want, and especially your long-desired wish will be fulfilled.


You will feel more and more connected to the person you are working with. You will be interested in what could result from this. Your colleagues and co-workers will accept the ideas you offer them, and you will be overjoyed. Eventually you will be accepted on the same level as the other employees in the company in which you work.

The Maiden

Today someone will express love to you and reveal their feelings towards you. It will suit you very well, so even though you were not too interested in that person, you will now start to see him with different eyes. You will be creative and original at work. Those who have less interesting work will need a way to express themselves.


There is no reason for false modesty in front of co-workers, be yourself. Everything is possible to change or achieve if you have enough attitude and image. No one can take away your charm. Plan to surprise your partner with a romantic party, do it the best you know. You are already in a festive mood and you enjoy every moment.


If you have had any misunderstandings with your loved one today, you will either resolve them or end the relationship. It is a good idea to think twice before making the next move in love. It is clear that in love for a long time you do not feel safe and loved by your partner.


You are too distracted, fickle, confused… These days you do not know what you want and what you need to do to be easier at work and in love. Do not allow small misunderstandings in the relationship with the loved one to turn into serious problems. You have to clear your mind and not take the wrong steps.


Because of so much tact and thinking about every word or deed, you are wasting precious time making the right decisions. If you are in a relationship or marriage be honest, if you are looking for a partner be a little freer in taking the initiative. You should not be ashamed, you will be even more irresistible.


You have been creating conditions for others to be happy for a long time, and now is the time to turn to yourself. You will achieve business cooperation that will prove to be very important in the long run in the future. As for love, here you feel empty, unfulfilled. You long for the right person, and how to always choose the wrong one.


An interesting offer or invitation will change your life completely. You will be very surprised by the new situations, because you have not planned anything concrete, but still, when you see that everything is going uphill, you will be more than satisfied. Accept the offers without thinking too much.

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