Daily horoscope for September 17: When it comes to business contacts and contracts, you will be very successful in a completely unexpected way

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We present you the daily horoscope for September 17, see what the stars predict for you today.



If you try to dominate the relationship, you will not succeed. Equal cooperation and bargaining are a better option. Your superiors and colleagues will reach an agreement, but you will not accept it best, because there are details that do not go in your favor. You are struggling with a business project.


Your sensitivity will be increased today, and the other side will be in the mood to experiment in love. It will take you a while to get the boss allergy. At least try to distance yourself from him. You must not show your intolerance towards your superior.


In the field of love, you will be able to agree on most things, thanks to the understood approach of both parties. In the professional field, new paths and opportunities for cooperation with business partners from abroad are opened to you. You know how to approach your ideas in the right way. That is why they respect you.


In the professional field, some will find themselves in an interesting meeting where there will be everything - from immoral offers to moralizing and philosophizing. In a love affair, you have all the trump cards in your hands. All you have to do is talk about what is in your heart. Your partner will be delighted with you.


When it comes to business contacts and deals, you will be very successful in a completely unexpected way. And as for love, here you want to be pure, and that immediately. Hidden or open, you will strive to find love. People close to you, who you can always count on, will help you with that.

The Maiden

In the previous period you had many problems, but still you managed to solve them all in time. Therefore, do not let depression completely overwhelm you, you must get out of that negative circle. Many new twists and turns are possible in all fields, which will take away your black thoughts.


For some time now, the pressure from your superiors has not diminished, and you are already without strength. Hold on a little longer, changes are in sight that will suit you. Expect a visit from an unexpected person or at least a phone call. You will be shocked by both her and what she tells you.


You are entering a period that will be filled with monotony. Try to break the lethargy and disinterest in the relationship. Someone close to you is lying to you about his actions. You want to travel and get away from the problems, but at the moment you can not do that.


You will be very productive in the workplace and will think about your next step. You will hear useful news from colleagues. In love things are great. You will learn the lessons of the past and easily apply them in the current situation. Today, love and emotional relationships will be most important to you.


You will be active in making contacts, so if you are lonely, you could meet someone important. Or just for a nice chat with coffee. Some will spend more than planned to impress the loved one. However, when you calculate, there is no reason to be dissatisfied.


You have not yet realized that the world does not revolve around you and that you need to show respect for others. If you respect others, they will reciprocate the respect. The fear and insecurity you sometimes feel is a consequence of your ego. Think about your actions.


Some will receive a large amount of information through which they will expand their knowledge and establish new potential collaborations. At the same time, they will deal a little more with the issue of investment. They will jealously guard their love and will not show it to anyone.

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