Daily horoscope for May 17: Today's bet will bear fruit

daily horoscope
Illustration: SP. / Photo: NASA, RawPixel

We present you the daily horoscope for May 17, see what the stars are predicting for you today.


Be careful not to hurt your loved one with witty but inappropriate vocabulary. Take control, it is not necessary to joke at their expense. Everyone involved in alternative activities will benefit today. Others will focus on invisible things in business. Do not support something you do not agree with.


Those who are in a relationship today will renew their intimacy in a beautiful and gentle way. Those who are still alone will use intuition in meeting someone. Your co-workers will be original, but quite inefficient. They will have utopian ideas. A little strange day is ahead of you.


Ahead of you is a very promising love day when many of your ideals will be achievable. It is up to you to act and seize the chance that the universe offers you. You will be fully focused on organizing the team you work with, so others will consider you a guru. You will be able to handle everything.


You will probably share the worries of your love life with a dear friend and make things easier for yourself. Your co-workers will cause a state of instability through their reckless activities. You will not be satisfied with the working environment. You need to be realistic.


At times you will want to tell everyone how you feel, and at other times you will want to hide it all. This behavior will confuse the partner. All intangible jobs will develop well, while the spirit of research will prevail in other industries.

The Maiden

The little tricks for dominance in the relationship will be on the agenda today as well. Singles can find love at work. Those preparing for a business trip should consider traffic problems and possible delays due to the retrograde Mercury. Plan well. You may feel tired.


You will complain less about problems and everyday life, so your partner will become happier and more satisfied, and in the end you will feel the effects of the change yourself. The day is great for all those who can weave emotions into their work or express themselves creatively. Today's stake will pay off.


If someone has a problem with your behavior, do not insist that it is your way. If you want to improve personal relationships, cooperate and respect the other party more. It is possible for a reckless action to cause less financial loss or loss of someone's support. To sin is human, but to persevere in mistakes is madness.


An extremely pleasant and fulfilling day is ahead of you. Many of your love wishes are on the verge of realization. You will feel carefree and will not attach importance to the small mistakes in the steps you take towards the goal. You will consider them a trifle and they will only inspire you to improve. Believe in your lucky star.


Many will find interesting topics in the world of their imagination and thus skip awkward discussions or deceive loneliness. You will conclude that you have achieved enough in accordance with the goals you have set for yourself. That will be a cause for satisfaction. Refrain from comments.


As there are fewer and fewer circumstances that go hand in hand with your love life, your self-confidence is falling today. Those whose work is related to expression will be very imaginative and successful today. The others will show their talents. Choose your food carefully.


Despite the small grievances, you recognize that there is more and more love and joy in your personal life. You will easily cooperate with the people around you and the energy will flow with ease. You will find a word of encouragement and a smile for everyone, which will make you very popular. Some will really enjoy the work.

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