Daily horoscope for August 17: You will benefit from a conversation with a close friend

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Illustration: SP. / Photo: NASA, RawPixel

We present it to you daily horoscope behind 17 August, see what the stars are predicting for you today.


It is in our mutual interest to solve the current problems as soon as possible and without additional complications. If you are burdened with new emotional doubts, talk honestly with the loved one and insist on proving the truth. You will benefit from a conversation with a close friend.


You should not tie your interests only to a certain team of collaborators, but allow yourself the opportunity to have a broader view of the business field. There is no reason to fool yourself by giving yourself false hope or emotional fantasies. Only what is "verified" is safe. Try to improve your concentration.


There is no need to blame others for your business failure, do not be unfair to the person whose intentions you do not know enough. You have the impression that your partner persistently hides certain details or the truth, which further affects your bad mood. Avoid too strenuous or stressful situations.


You refuse to accept someone else's role in negotiations, you don't want to be outside the main events of the business scene. Someone encourages you to be in a good mood. In accordance with your affinities, you can create a romantic atmosphere and attract someone's attention. Devote your free time to recreation.


You need to determine your business goals and settle existing bills, don't let someone lead you and tell you what to do. Be honest with your partner and talk about the things that bother you and weigh on your soul. Avoid situations that disturb you mentally.

The Maiden

If you want to test your intellectual or practical abilities, you need to have precise goals. Avoid tense situations when meeting your loved one, it is important that there are good intentions between you. Try to direct your positive energy correctly.


You have a good appreciation of the various opportunities in the business scene and know how to influence the environment. You are in a good mood, there is no reason to shy away from "love signals". Treat yourself to a favorite pastime. You are in a great psychophysical phase.


You look suspicious when meeting colleagues. If you stray too far from the common themes, additional complications await you. In certain situations, a loved one suffers with you, but you persistently deny it with the intention of changing things in your favor. Excessive worry affects your concentration badly.


Focus your attention on priority issues and leave the rest to others. Painful ambition can come crashing down on your head. If you work in a team, work in a team. When you meet a loved one, you set conditions that are considered negative. You want a lot more attention than you get from your partner.


Think carefully to whom you entrust your plans, consult with a person with whom you have a positive past experience. New outpourings of tenderness in front of a loved one bring mutual satisfaction, but also a sense of security that you have been lacking for the past period. You need a good boost or emotional inspiration, relax.


You distrust colleagues and seek new information in order to properly clarify common dilemmas. You don't understand your partner's behavior, but that doesn't give you the right to independently decide on joint plans. You will enjoy relaxation and cheerful contents, as a recipe for a good mood.


Your enthusiasm and personal pride can be interpreted in different ways, choose more carefully the words you use in the company of colleagues or your superiors. Show your loved one that goodwill and attention mean more than "expensive gifts". Enjoy things that positively affect your mood.

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