Daily horoscope for October 1: You are in an "emotional gap"

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We present you the daily horoscope for October 1, see what the stars are predicting for you today.


If you do not have enough trust in certain associates, do what is unavoidable to protect your business interests. You are in an "emotional gap" - the dilemma you are trying to solve depends more on someone's will. Be patient, don't get nervous and think carefully about what is best for you. You will have digestive problems.


Planned events do not go in the desired direction, but you know how to impose your opinion and create better conditions in the workplace. Your partner often changes his decisions and thus stimulates your nervousness. Your health condition will be good.


Someone is putting you in an awkward situation, so avoid affective behavior and seek good advice from close associates. Do your best to complete the obligations on time. When meeting a loved one, forget about topics that burden you too much. Emotional closeness has a healing effect. You are tense.


Discuss with close associates and set common rules in the business contract. Everyone should do their part of the work on time. Sometimes you exaggerate the demands you have on a loved one. Show more tenderness and sincere gratitude for everything you receive. Take care of your diet.


You have the opportunity to make a double profit, provided you act professionally and suggestively in front of co-workers. You seem cheerful and well-meaning. You have a romantic mood, and your partner sincerely wants to please you. You may have a headache.

The Maiden

You are lucky to achieve greater success beyond anyone's expectations. Pay attention to the work commitments you have started and avoid the competitive atmosphere. There is no reason to force situations that annoy your loved one, it is better to calm down and wait patiently for your chance. You will feel great today.


It is important to make a good business and financial assessment and put your ideas in the right place. Talk honestly with your loved one before deciding on a new solution. Mutual agreement always leads to the best solution. Check your blood count.


Someone suddenly criticizes your way of working. Think carefully about everything, there is no need to react in vain to different comments. You persistently try to change your partner's opinion, but you encounter signs of rejection. Strengthen immunity.


A competitive impulse has started with you and you cannot be satisfied with average results. Sometimes your partner doesn't understand all your ideas, so talking is the best medicine for everyone. If you don't understand each other - it's time to break up the unhealthy relationship and move on. You will feel good today.


Sometimes you do not have enough patience to answer different questions or fulfill a large number of requests. When meeting a loved one, do not deviate from the set goals. You will have sinus problems.


The current position of the Moon affects your mental state, you feel increased emotional anxiety or personal insecurity. In your relationship with your partner, you may be exaggerating your needs and reacting too sensitively to various "little things". You are not in shape, start moving a little more.


New events on the business scene have a negative impact on your concentration, so you fail to complete the planned obligations. In the field of love, it is better not to get carried away with great emotional desires or to believe too much in someone's promises. Be more moderate in your expectations. Improve immunity, a cold is possible.

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