DKSK: About 80 cases are out of date - officials neither submitted a questionnaire nor paid a fine

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About 80 cases opened in 2021 on their own initiative and after an inspection of their records, the members of the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) at today's continuation of the sixth session made decisions to close and archive them due to obsolescence.

We are talking about cases of appointed officials, mainly members of management and supervisory boards of public enterprises, health institutions, clinics, penitentiary institutions and other state institutions who, after the termination of their office, did not respect the legally established deadline of 30 days to submit a survey sheet on the property status to the DKSK.

For these cases, the DCSC did not file a misdemeanor proceeding within the legally established deadline, so the statute of limitations for misdemeanor prosecution occurred, which is why, the anti-corruptionists stated, a proceeding cannot be initiated or conducted, because according to the Law on Misdemeanors (Art. 41) "the misdemeanor proceeding does not it can be initiated or conducted if two years have passed since the day when the offense was committed."

According to Art. 109 of the Law on the Prevention of Corruption and Conflict of Interest, the failure to submit a statement on the property status when taking office and after ceasing the office, that is, employment, a fine of 300 to 500 euros is foreseen.

According to the reference of the anti-corruption officers at the public session, in about 20 cases the officials paid the imposed fine, and in ten cases they paid only half of the fine and all the cases were closed.

The DCSC also discussed several complaints about the existence of a conflict of interests, mainly about nepotism, that is, there was a complaint that the mayor of a municipality promoted his wife from an associate to a councilor, for which he was fined after determining the actual situation in the municipality. Also, the complainant filed a complaint alleging that the principal of a primary school employed his daughter, but the checks showed that this was not the case. The anti-corruption agency promptly reacted to the reports that there is a conflict of interest when the same persons are appointed to two positions.

Among the reports that they opened and closed as incompetent to act, there were also those against judges, public prosecutors, executors.

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