Disciplinary measures for inappropriate behavior of police officers with a journalist from Focus

Ministry of Interior / Photo: MIA

The Department for Internal Control, Criminal Investigations and Professional Standards at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, acting on a report from the Association of Journalists of Macedonia for unprofessional police behavior on 11.08.2022 to the journalist of Focus V.K. from Negotino, and in connection with a complaint by a woman from Negotino who on 08.08.2022 hit a minor with a car on the street "Marshal Tito" in Negotino, about which the journalist published an article, found inadequate performance of work tasks by police officers and due to disciplinary measures will be imposed, that is, disciplinary proceedings will be initiated against three police officers, in accordance with the collective agreement.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs remains committed to excellent cooperation with journalists and the Association of Journalists of Macedonia and without any tolerance for such and similar cases, which will be sanctioned accordingly.

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