Durmishi: To respect the rules of procedure, for the Council of the Municipality of Tetovo not to be a market

At today's sixth session of the Council of the Municipality of Tetovo, the president of the Council Besart Durmishi, asked to respect the rules of procedure, which clearly states that the replication and speeches of the advisers on the same point are limited.

"Until now, one point has been discussed for 5 to 6 hours, marathon sessions, which is not right. That's why I also asked the councilors to be constructive and respect the rules of procedure. Those rules of procedure say that for each point, each councilor can take the floor, but twice and replicate once for one point, if his name or his councilor group is mentioned. So the rules of procedure should be respected so that we look like a council, and not like some place in the market", said the President of the Council of the Municipality of Tetovo Besart Durmishi.

At the session, the advisory group of SDSM proposed that "JP Tetovo Transport" introduce bus routes to Saraqino and Falishe, to which the advisory group of VMRO DPMNE responded.

"I want to react to the statement by the councilor of SDSM, that the proposal for new lines is theirs, so it is our proposal that we have given and that proposal will be included in the program. There will not be a bus every hour, but there will be a line in a certain period. We cannot make blanket statements like this. Then I want to say that together with the President of the Council, we asked the Department of Urbanism to speed up the process for legalization of buildings, that there are requests for legalization submitted since 2011 and they have not been legalized yet, he said. Angel Karapetrov soventic from VMRO DPMNE.

The adviser from Alternative Faton Seljami asked for new lines for Tetovo - Vejce and Tetovo - Bozovce, proposing that the company acquire minibuses, for easier implementation of the proposal.

"For the public company Tetovo Transport, new lines were proposed, I submitted that request to JP Tetovo Transport" added the chairman of the Tetovo Municipality Council, Besart Durmishi.

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