MEPSO director reveals: There is a shortage of electricity, we take it from the European network without announcement - we have to pay for it, and if the trend continues there will be restrictions

Kushtrim Ramadani, General Manager of MEPSO / Photo: Screenshot / Telma TV

The General Manager of MEPSO, Kushtrim Ramadani in interview for Telma Television reveals that the Republic of Northern Macedonia is facing a shortage of electricity and that this is due to reduced production in the country due to increased electricity consumption.

-Here is a typical dispatch report, here are the hydropower plants, thermal power plants, renewable energy sources and TE-TO as an independent producer and we have means every hour how much electricity is produced, here they are somewhere, here on 23.10, somewhere the most we had is 500 megawatts, and the consumption at that hour was, therefore, 1000 megawatts. So we, production plus imports see the difference of 315 megawatts, we lack in the network, so we have less production than we consume, explains Ramadani for Telma and adds that those 315 megawatts are taken from the European network because the whole network in Europe is connected and that shortfall is taken over from this network without notice.

The debt to the European grid will have to be paid, Ramadani is decisive who fears that with the energy crisis and entering the winter period, electricity consumption will increase and the debt will grow.

- So far we have received 4 warnings from the center in Switzerland, which makes the calculations, has special tools, at a 15 minute level they see who deviates in the network and therefore have not warned that we take non-stop energy from the network that is not allowed. This energy, therefore, can be used in case of an accident, but we know that we do not have any accident in our country, it is known that we take this energy to supply consumers, which is contrary to all rules, says Ramadani.

According to MEPSO calculations, by November 5th or by the middle of next month, this electricity will cost around 10 million euros and should be paid to Europe by mid-November and by then the amount could reach up to 15 million euros.

- We have to pay for this energy. Knowing that MEPSO from the transfer tariff has a total annual income of 30 million euros, when we pay these 15 million euros, if they are 15 million euros at the end of the month, this will be a big blow to the liquidity of MEPSO. "We absolutely do not have those funds in our account so that we can pay them to Europe," said director Ramadani.

Due to the debt to the European grid and the fact that there is not enough water in the country to produce electricity in hydropower plants, the Director General mentioned that there are possible restrictions on electricity in the coming period or the missing quantities of the grid to be provided on the free market.

MEPSO is asked by the Government to cover the costs to the European network, and ESM to ensure the production of electricity from hydropower plants, and to include thermal power plants and all other real capacities to overcome the energy crisis in the country, so that no restrictions occur and in the 21st century.

Source: TV Telma

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