Dimovski to Osmani: Imagine, Bujar, someone pressuring you to sign that Gjerg Kastriot is a Serb and Hasan Pristina is a Turk

Ilija Dimovski published an open letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani on the social network Facebook.

We publish Dimovski's letter in its entirety:

Bujar Osmani,

I follow your performances and I decided to address you personally, not as a minister, but as Ilia of Bujar.

We have talked many times in the past, I know that you will not understand me only if you have no desire to understand me.

I know you personally and most of your associates from DUI and I know you can't say you don't understand the processes at all, at least not me, but let's talk honestly and directly for your sake and the public's sake with substance and not superficial marketing platitudes and arguments.

Allow me to explain to you what these times are like for the Macedonians through a plastic example of analogy.

I will use examples with the Albanians as a people and a nation, not to offend or agree with those examples, but to show you and your colleagues what it is that you, together with the SDSM, are trying to show as normal, and not is.

Imagine, Bujar, that someone proposes to you and pressures you, and you, even more so, sign and accept that:


Albanians in Macedonia are not the same people as Albanians in Albania, just as it is written in "Prespa" that Macedonians from Macedonia and Macedonians from Greece have nothing in common and are not the same.


imagine having to accept and sign that Enver Hoxha created the Albanian nation in an artificial way, the way the Bulgarian Assembly claims with its Declaration of 2019 about Tito and the Macedonians.


here thought Bujar, how would it be if you had to sign and accept that Albanians in Macedonia must not use the Albanian flag in the same way as with the Temporary Agreement, and then with "Prespa" you prohibit and grind where there is a Macedonian sixteen-pointed sun .


could you imagine a situation in which you or a colleague from DUI has to accept and sign that Gjerg Kastriot is a Serb and Hasan Prishtina is a Turk, as happens to us Macedonians every day thanks to the failed policy of this Government, and for Goce Delchev, and for dozens of other Macedonian freedom fighters.


Would you agree, Bujar, to include in an international legal agreement that Albanians do not have any Illyrian origin or cultural heritage from the Illyrians and that for example the Illyrians are Slavs and not Albanians, just as you accepted with "Prespa" that we Macedonians do not have any Macedonian origin and that the Macedonians were Greeks (see "Prespa", Article 7).


how would you like to make "small" compromises for the Albanian nation and history with those who daily and for years claim that the Albanian nation is artificial and created by albanizing Turks, Slavs, Vlachs and Roma just as you negotiate "small" every day compromises for history with those who have this attitude and claim towards us Macedonians.
This is how things look through the prism of the Macedonians, if you want to look and know.

I don't wish what I wrote on anyone, but I also don't want to let anyone convince me that what is happening to the Macedonians is based on normal European values, because it is not.

Stop and think.

That's why, Bujar, the Albanians in Macedonia in this case must stay side by side with us Macedonians, because we Macedonians are the smallest people in the Balkans, but the Albanians are the second, and everyone around us behaved the same or similar in history, both towards us and towards you.

Stop being a politician one day and you will understand how wrong you are.


I hope that you will understand me in good faith and that you will think deeply about your actions and steps.


Accepting the French proposal is an insult to the Macedonians, but it will also delay it, and it will not speed up the European integration process.

If your Government with the SDSM accepts this proposal, you will offend us Macedonians, but it will also forever seal Macedonia's chance to become a member of the European Union.

Greetings, Elijah."



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