Dimkovski MVP, four Macedonians in the ideal composition of the EHF Championship in Riga

Macedonian handball cadets dominated the EHF Championship in Riga, Latvia/Photo: facebook.com/rfmofficial

The cadet national team of Macedonia (U18) was the best at the EHF championship that was held in Riga, Latvia after a great fight and victory over Switzerland in the final.

That the chosen ones of the selector Rade Stojanović were dominant speeches and the fact that Tomislav Dimkovski was declared the most useful player of the tournament, MVP, and three more players from our selection found themselves in the ideal composition of the championship.

They are the left wing Mihael Totic, goalkeeper David Brestovac and right winger Aleksandar Petkovski.

By winning the title, a performance at the Cadet World Championship in 2023 and the European Youth Championship in 2024 is assured.

Dimkovski, the young defender of T. Prolet was excellent throughout the tournament, and especially shone in the final, when he scored seven goals against Switzerland.

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