Dimitrov on EU negotiations: In order not to be disappointed, it is better not to expect a good outcome in December

Nikola Dimitrov
Nikola Dimitrov / Photo: EPA-EFE / DIMITRIS TOSIDIS

In order not to be disappointed, it is better not to expect a good outcome, but we must continue to work, said Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Dimitrov about the expectations and announcements in December to unblock the accession talks of Northern Macedonia with the EU at a meeting of the General Affairs Council of the EC.

- It is our responsibility to appeal to the citizens that it is better to be surprised by a good outcome, than to be disappointed by a bad outcome. Given the short period, we have only a few days until the General Affairs Council, until GAK, December 14, I think it is extremely irresponsible to create any expectations then. The form, the maintenance of the Council is less important. If we manage to reach a dignified, European solution, because the issue has started to hurt so much everywhere, that everyone, including the Slovenian presidency, will probably have the will to schedule an extraordinary GAK. We must not, after all the experience we have, tie ourselves to dates. I think that the signals from Sofia indicate that they expect a process in bilateral relations that will help close the issue step by step. The parliament will obviously still have a role in them, such are the announcements, Dimitrov said in a conversation with TV Klan Makedonija.

According to Dimitrov, it is now important to hold a meeting with the new government in Sofia, which will give further directions for overcoming the bilateral dispute.

- It is very important for us, especially for the people, but also for all others in the region who saw hope in these decisive steps we have taken in recent years to finally start accession negotiations with the EU, it is very important to have something . It will depend on this bilateral communication with Bulgaria, but also on the mood of the third parties, who have a stake, who are vicious. Because this issue has become European, it is not just a bilateral issue, because it affects the EU policies towards the region. In that sense, there is a real context to reach something, we must try for a real breakthrough, said Dimitrov.

Source: MIA

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