Dimitrievski on the recording of the singing Ahmeti: Macedonian citizens do not feel happy, and the politicians sing to them

Maxim Dimitrievski - Mayor of Kumanovo / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

Maksim Dimitrievski The mayor of the Municipality of Kumanovo in the show "10 Minutes" on TV21 emphasized that DUI rules the country, and SDSM is their pendant.

He also commented on the video on which Ahmeti sang together with Kosovar singer Ilir Shaqiri.

"What happened today with the singing of songs in the cabinets. Look, I don't pay taxes and fees so that you, as my chosen one, sit in a cabinet and sing. That cabinet is financed with the money of the citizens, so you can sing if your citizens are happy, but in Macedonia, in all polls, the citizens do not feel happy, and the politicians sing to them", says Dimitrievski.

The Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi posted a video on Facebook showing Ahmeti in the company of the famous Kosovar singer Ilir Shaqiri, they sing a patriotic song.

Gruby wrote under the post, "The nation is first among us tonight." Together for the EU".

VIDEO: Grubi published a video of Ali Ahmeti singing

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