Diana Ivanoska prepared mini cheesecake cakes with strawberries and white chocolate

Diana Ivanoska
Diana Ivanoska / Photo: Instagram

Life can really be impeccably delicious, and it proves it Diana Ivanoska from Tetovo, who with her talent for combination of tastes takes us on an exceptional gastronomic journey.

Ivanoska is behind the Instagram profile "Dash of Spice"And reveals the little secrets of creating magic from flavors. She has been sharing her recipes with her followers and friends since the beginning of the pandemic.

"I love every part of the process, but I enjoy photographing the food the most," Diana reveals.

Today he shares mini cheesecake cakes with strawberries and white chocolate.

"Quick and delicious dessert for every occasion. Cream cheese and sweet cream combined with strawberries and white chocolate are a perfect blend. "It prepares very quickly, the hardest part is waiting to be refrigerated," she said.

Diana Ivanoska
Diana Ivanoska / Photo: Instagram

Ingredients needed:

For the bark:
- 200 g crushed biscuits (I use plasma)
- 100 g melted butter
For the creamy part:
- 300 g cream cheese
- 110 g of sugar
- 300 ml sweet sour cream (hops)
- 1 sachet of gelatin
- 4 tablespoons of water (for gelatin)
- 20 g strawberries or raspberries (fresh or frozen anyway)
- 150 g of white chocolate
- sweet sour cream for decoration (completely optional)
* Out of this quantity, I got 6 mini cheesecake cakes in silicone mold and one in a classic 20 cm mold.

Diana Ivanoska
Diana Ivanoska / Photo: Instagram


In a bowl, mix the biscuits and melted butter. You will get a mixture similar to wet sand. Spread the mixture in the molds and spread it nicely on the bottom. Melt the chocolate. Mix the gelatin with the cold water and leave it to swell for about 10 minutes. Then melt it over low heat, it should not boil, just melt. Whip the cream cheese with the sugar. Add the gelatin, chocolate and sweet cream. Mix for 5 minutes. Blend the strawberries briefly, or chop them. Add them to the mixture and mix gently but not completely, let the white parts remain. Spread the mixture on the biscuit base. Smooth the surface and refrigerate for a few hours to harden. If you make small cheesecake cakes in a silicone mold, put them in the freezer, they are easier to take out. If you make it in a pan or mold, it is enough to stand in the refrigerator. Garnish (optional) with whipped cream, strawberries, topping. Enjoy.

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