Digitization has also reached prisons: Digital courtroom in KPU "Idrizovo"

Idrizovo Prison, Photo: MIA

The head of the delegation of the European Union, Ambassador David Geer, the Minister of Justice Nikola Tupanceski and the Deputy Head of the Mission of the US Embassy Eric Mayer will open the newly equipped digital courtroom today in the Idrizovo Penitentiary.

The digital courtroom enables people detained for serious crimes to receive a trial in the area of ​​the Idrizovo prison. This increases the safety of the victims, but also respects the detainees' right to defend themselves, thus ensuring a fair trial. The respect for human rights leads to an impartial, transparent and responsible system of criminal law and citizens gain confidence in the legal order, the EU Delegation states.

According to the Ministry of Justice, this is the largest and most equipped courtroom in the country with a courtroom of 290 square meters, and its use will reduce the costs of court processes for security and transportation and will ensure greater protection of the safety and security of the citizens of the main town.

The total value of the building is 1,3 million euros. It is mainly financed by the EU with about one million euros invested in construction and equipment. The national contribution is 0,28 million euros. The procurement of additional security and IT equipment was supported by the US Embassy.

The EU assistance for the opening of the new courtroom in Idrizovo is part of the larger efforts to reform the criminal law and the penal system in the country. The goal is to help the institutions to achieve a more effective repression of crime, while respecting the basic rights of people, the EU Delegation added.

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