Dibirov: It will mean a lot to me to enter the "club 1.000"

Timur Dibirov is Vardar's top scorer in the Champions League / photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

The wing of Vardar should give 22 more goals and reach the number of 1.000 goals scored on the eternal list of goal scorers in the Champions League. He expects that to happen soon and will be overjoyed when he enters the elite "club 1.000", which now includes only Kiril Lazarov and Nikola Karabatic.

Timur Dibirov, the wing of Vardar, with the seven goals scored in the match Vardar - Montpellier, reached the figure of 978 goals scored in the Champions League, which strengthened him in the third place on the eternal top list, after the first place Kiril Lazarov and Nikola Karabatic.

Lazarov and Karabatic have over 1.000 goals scored in the Champions League and are currently the only members of the "1.000" club of the most elite scorers in this competition. Dibirov in the next few matches in the Champions League rightly expects to score those 22 goals that would put him in this special club this season, along with Karabatic (1.096 goals) and the record holder Lazarov (1.462). Timur says that achievement will mean a lot to him.

- Of course I expect that to happen. I am sure that in four or five matches I will reach the "Club 1.000". For me it is a very important number. I will be very happy when I get to that number. It means a lot to me, because with that achievement I want to say thank you to all my partners in the club and in the national team and all the people who helped me achieve this high number. There are only two who have exceeded 1.000 goals scored in the Champions League, and that is Kiril Lazarov and Nikola Karabatic. It shows how difficult it is to achieve such an achievement - says Dibirov.

According to Dibirov, Vardar is such a team that can beat everyone, but also lose to everyone / photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

Vardar plays changeably in the Champions League this season, and Dibirov says that the new team of the red and blacks with many new players has not yet reached the team chemistry needed to give the maximum.

- It is too early to say that it has that chemistry. We know how to play great, but we also fall into a crisis like in the last match with Montpellier. I think that this team will reach the top form at the beginning of spring. There are still many things we need to commit to and get better. We showed a good game, but we need time to function "like clockwork" - says one of Vardar's favorite.

In the last fourth round of the Champions League, Vardar lost convincingly at home to Montpellier after previously having one draw in three rounds and two wins in a row.

- It is difficult to reach a good result when the team is not functioning one hundred percent. Something was wrong. But we are professionals, we forget about that defeat and the next day we go further. At the moment we are such a team that we can beat everyone, but also lose to everyone - says Dibirov.

In the next period, Vardar, fifth in Group A, plays in a series with the three best teams so far in Group A. Next Wednesday he will host the first-placed Aalborg, then he will welcome the second-placed Kiel, and then he will play with Pick Szeged away. Difficult period…

- It will be a difficult period. We go match after match, of course we fight for victory. We will see how many points we will have after those three matches, but we will try to win - says Timur.

So far this season, the Champions League is balanced in terms of results.

- There is no undefeated team in the Champions League now. This means that both groups are uncertain. Now we are witnessing handball where there are no favorites and losers. All teams are strong and have the power to beat everyone. Gone are the days when there were three or four teams that were known in advance to play in the final four - says Dibirov.

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