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George Clooney turns 60: Better that than dead!

One of Hollywood's biggest seducers, George Clooney, turned 60 today. A few days before his birthday, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he said there would be nothing from the birthday celebration.

Judging by his statement, he is not thrilled to step into the seventh decade of his life.

"As for my 60th birthday, listen, I'm not excited about it, but it's better than being dead."said Clooney.

In the continuation of the conversation, he talks about how he teaches his twins about the values ​​of humanitarian work.

"They are not even four years old yet, so they do not understand that. My kids always say, "This is for poor people," when they pick up a toy. I tell them Let's put it in a basket and take it to the poor. "And then I see on their faces that they are shocked by that reality."said the actor.

He also said that his parents instilled in him the importance of humanitarian work by teaching him that the most important thing in life is to oppose the people in power and to help the people who are not in power.

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