The girl from Russia who drew an anti-war cartoon was taken to an orphanage

Photo: Twitter

The drawing of the 12-year-old Russian Masha Moskayova from April 2022 opposing Russian aggression against Ukraine has become quite popular in recent months. Her school called the police after seeing Masha's drawing.

"The police started to investigate the social networks of the father Alexei and they told him that he brought up his daughter in a bad way," said the city councilor of the Russian city of Yefremov, Olga Podolskaya.

Masha's father, Alexei, was fined 32.000 rubles (about $415) for discrediting the Russian armed forces. Criminal proceedings were initiated against him a few weeks ago.

Alexey now faces possible prison time. He is currently under house arrest in Efremov, and his daughter Masha was temporarily sent to a children's home. Alexei was not allowed to talk to her even on the phone. "No one has seen Masha since March 1, despite our attempts to gain access to the orphanage and find out how she is," writes Olga Podolskaya.

"The Russian authorities want everyone to toe the line. No one should have their own opinion. If you don't agree with what someone thinks, don't read their social media posts. But don't put that person under house arrest. and their child in an orphanage,” she says.

According to house arrest rules, Alexey is only allowed contact with the lawyer, the investigator and the prison service. The lawyer brought him food and drinks that local activists had previously bought for Alexey.

"He is very worried because his daughter is not with him. Everything in the apartment reminds him of her. He is worried about what might happen to her," says Vladimir.

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