The girl from the orphanage changed her statement, saying that she lied that she was beaten and raped

Police / photo: EPA / EFE. Georgi Licovski

A XNUMX-year-old girl, a protégé of an orphanage, who was reported by the police yesterday reported because she was beaten and raped in Veles, she changed her statement to the police, Telma TV reported.

The news about the turnaround in the case, which caused great public attention, was confirmed by the SIA Veles. The girl admitted to the police that it was a false report, say the police.

After yesterday's statement of the minor, two boys from Veles, pointed out by the girl, were already called for a conversation at the station. According to Telma sources from the police, with all the expertise and accompanying operational actions around the investigation, it was proven that she was neither beaten nor raped. Given that the evidence already exists, the girl admitted that her report was in fact a false report.

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