Children's wishes are for fulfillment, the future is for planning

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Children's wishes are for realization, and parental care means an investment for the realization of those wishes in the future.

The school year has already begun, and that means new needs, clothes, shoes, books and school supplies, many new challenges, knowledge, plans and desires… And all this leads to an important element of children's lives - creating a habit of saving. Parents who really aim for a more secure and financially stable future for their child, surely think about timely savings. If you have not yet considered focusing on child savings, we believe that the beginning of the new school year will contribute to a stronger motivation for the realization of such an idea. With the children's deposit of Halkbanka AD Skopje, you now have the opportunity to invest in the future of your children.

How to have a more secure and stable future for your child? - With additional deposit payments, which will create safe and secure savings, which in the future can be an investment in a new bike, travel, education and other children's dreams. With the opening of the children's deposit in Halkbanka AD Skopje, the small saver will receive a designed savings book and a HALKI gift.

All you need to open a time deposit for your child is an ID card for a legal representative (parent or guardian) and a birth certificate for the child. The minimum investment amount is 1000 denars, and the method of calculating the interest is proportional.

All additional information about this service can be found at the following link.

By encouraging this habit of regular savings, through Halkbank children's deposits, you invest in a safe, stable and carefree future for your child. And exactly the children's wishes are the ones that should be realized in the future, right?

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