The Children's Clinic received a quality accreditation certificate for the third time

The public health institution, University Clinic for Children's Diseases - Skopje, has successfully completed the accreditation process for standards and criteria for the quality of health care activity, thus acquiring a certificate valid for three years, they inform from there.

The Agency for Quality and Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (AKAZUM) awarded the accreditation certificate to the Medical Director at the end of last week. Valentina Cvejoska Cholakovska and the Organizational Director M.Sc Arkin Yahji, as well as to the members of the Clinic's team who painstakingly worked in the past period to create and maintain the standards for reaccreditation of this health facility.

This is the third accreditation in a row of the PHI University Clinic for Children's Diseases - Skopje, otherwise it is the second with a validity period of three years. With this, our Clinic confirmed and proved the improvement of the quality of its work, creating the best possible conditions, processes and procedures in the direction of the treatment of children's health and the organization of medical services.

I express great gratitude to all the employees who have worked with maximum dedication and professionalism all these years to reach this goal, especially to the members of the teams and the Commission for the improvement of the quality of the health activity, said Assoc. Dr. Cvejoska Cholakovska.

The children's clinic was among the first three accredited health institutions in the country, after the process of accreditation for the quality of health services through AKAZUM began ten years ago.

The procedure for external assessment of the Children's Clinic was carried out by an expert team - authorized external assessors appointed by the Agency for Quality and Accreditation of Health Institutions and was carried out during the second half of May this year.

The external evaluation is the most important part of the accreditation process of the health facility.

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