Details you may not have known before: How does liposuction nutrition work?

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Liposuction diet therapy is a natural process of metabolic conversion of fat into energy, and the results are fascinating. In just two weeks, as long as one protocol lasts, you can lose 7-10% of your initial body weight

You tried various diets, but the result was always starvation and weight gain. However, today we present to you a revolutionary weight loss method called Non-Invasive Liposuction or Liposuction Diet, which works on the principle of "Forcing the body to feed on its own fat reserves" and without the yo-yo effect.

The secret is in the body's ability to use different sources of energy, including its own fat. Simply put, it is the reverse process of gaining weight. Weight gain is the creation of fat, while liposuction nutrition is the use of it.

It's a natural process of metabolically converting fat into energy, and the results are fascinating. In just two weeks, as long as one protocol lasts, you can lose 7-10% of your initial body weight.

There is no drop in energy, no drop in sugar, the feeling of hunger is reduced, and you see the first results after 24 hours, which gives additional motivation. In particular, it should be noted that liposuction nutrition gives visible effects on body shaping, volume reduction in critical zones, which is why it is called "liposuction", due to this aesthetic transformation. That is why it is a very popular diet therapy among women.

The dietary therapy is based on a two-week dietary protocol, which is energetically and nutritionally balanced according to the guidelines and recommendations of EFSA (European Food Safety Agency). During the day you feed yourself with your own fat, with the help of nutritional supplements, and in the evening you have a nice dinner with meat, fish and a variety of vegetables.

Natural amino acids and dietary fiber from the konjac glucomannan plant are used as a weight loss aid with clinically proven effects (EFSA approved).

This treatment is completely safe for health. It meets all the recommendations and standards of the Dietetic Products and Nutrition Council. Slimming products are produced according to high pharmacological standards in Germany, where our factory is a member of the International Association for Nutritional Research.

The method has been successfully implemented all over the world for years and has undergone strict controls and analyses. And user experiences are also very positive.

What is important to emphasize is that we follow each client during the weight loss process and provide technical and moral support, guidance for a lifelong correct and balanced diet.

The protocol is so simple that you can even order it at home and consult by phone or Facebook. Just send a private message on Facebook or call the "Lipo diet" center of "International Health" Macedonia.

Schedule your free consultation at the "Lipo diet" center of "International Health" Macedonia (at "Dimitrie Chupovski" street no. 22) or call 02 3151714 and 070 535033


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