Despotovski: Kovacevski's resignation is a belated step, I expect resignations from the entire leadership of SDSM

Jovan Despotovski - Director of TIRZ / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

Jovan Despotovski, current director of TIRZ and a member of SDSM, learned from the media yesterday about the resignation of Dimitar Kovachevski from the leadership position in SDSM and considers it a belated step, but still in the right direction.

"As a member of SDSM, I received information yesterday that the party president has submitted his resignation, which is a late step, but a step in the right direction. It had to happen much earlier. I expect this step to be followed by all the other members of the party's leadership so that it can immediately move to the part of open discussion about what are the reasons for this result, a catastrophic debacle. The fact is that the number of votes is at a historical minimum, unfortunately. We have to see how to proceed," said Despotovski in the "Studio 10" show on TV24.

The party now faces the challenge of consolidating and positioning itself in the assembly as a serious opposition party.

"We should allow ourselves to talk about positive things in this whole situation for SDSM. What gives hope if we are wise and virtuous enough in this period is to move forward and become a political force in the country again. One of the good things about the whole situation is that SDSM remained one of the biggest political parties in the country after these elections. The fact is that we are ahead of the DUI political party by the number of votes. It is important that SDSM positions itself as a serious leading opposition party. If we are based on principles, values ​​and policies that we need to present again to the citizens and encourage them to listen to us and then restore trust. We need to earn our place," said TIRZ director Jovan Despotovski and a member of the SDSM leadership in Studio 10 of Television 24.

After the resignation of Zoran Zaev from the leadership position in SDSM, Despotovski was a candidate for the party's president, and after yesterday's resignation of Kovacevski, it is possible to re-enter the race for the president of this party.

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