The October heating bills will finally arrive these days

Central heating / profimedia
Photo: Ina FASSBENDER / AFP / Profimedia

These days, at the beginning of December, Skopje residents will receive their heating bills for October. ESM – supply announced today that the invoices are ready and their delivery to consumers is in progress, and that the amount of bills for citizens and companies that pay in 12 installments will be the same as those for August and September.
The ESM points out that in the period October - April when thermal energy is delivered, the price of the hired power and the delivered thermal energy for households is financially supported by the state budget, by decision of the Government, due to ensuring reliability in the supply of thermal energy in conditions of existence in a state of crisis.

Consumers will receive the invoices in the following days in the same way of delivery as before, that is, those who used the "e-invoice" service will receive the invoice in electronic form, while the rest of the consumers will receive the invoice in paper form — andinform from ESM.

Regarding the payment methods, consumers will be able to pay the invoices at ESM Supply's payment points without commission. Consumers who have concluded an agreement for the collection of heat energy invoices through a standing order will receive instructions from the parent bank on how to proceed or will be notified to direct the payment to the new supplier. Those consumers, on the other hand, who pay with a payment order, over the counter in a bank or through electronic banking, in the saved templates, i.e. PP payment orders, will need to check and enter the giro account of ESM Supply specified on the invoices.

We note that we are intensively preparing for consumers to have all the payment options as before, such as the "Quick payment" service and the "EPAY" service, which we will further inform them about - the company says.

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