Hearing today of the mother who attacked the biology teacher at "Jovan Dukić" OU

32-year-old A.R. who physically attacked the teacher in "Jovan Dukić" Elementary School, will be brought to the prosecutor's office for questioning today.

She was arrested for the crimes of harassment and torture and endangering security after she verbally and physically attacked the biology teacher, who was found to have several minor injuries.

According to her statement, the teacher's human dignity was violated, and she feels fear for her safety, the announcement states, adding that the case also caused anxiety among the citizens, especially because it happened in a primary school.

The incident happened after the mother came to the school and asked the biology teacher why her son got a 2 even though he had an average of 3, not knowing that the average included the grade from the first semester.

The biology teacher called the mother to the office, but the violence then escalated.

The mother threatened to go to the principal. However, she suddenly returned and pulled the teacher by her hair, knocked her down and slammed her head on the floor, telling her she would never work anywhere else.

Yesterday, as a sign of support for teachers, a protest against violence was organized in front of the school, in which teachers, parents and students participated.

The attack on the teacher at the "Jovan Dukić" Primary School is the second incident of this kind against an educational worker in one day.

Shortly before that, parents of a student at the "Sveti Sava" school attacked the teacher after returning from recreational classes.

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