Today is the feast of the Holy Martyrs Trophimus, Savatius and Dorymedon

Photo: Holy Martyrs Trophimus, Savatius and Dorimedont

In the time of Emperor Prov, in the 3rd century, when Atticus was in charge of Antioch, two Christians came to Antioch, Trophimus and Savatius, both respectable and honest citizens. But it was at this time that the desecration and sacrifice of Apollo at Daphne near Antioch took place. Attic especially took care of all citizens to take part in that celebration. Well, since some have seen Trophimus and Savatius, they have told Atticus that these strangers do not take part in their feast. Atticus took them to court, and because they did not renounce Christ, he subjected them one by one to torment. After beating them and torturing them, Trophimus sent him to Phrygia to a certain Dionysius, another half-tortured Christian, and he himself took him out of the prison of Savatius and began to try him. When the tormentor asked Savatius who he was and what his rank was, he replied: "My rank and my dignity, and my homeland, and my glory, and my wealth is Christ, the Son of God, always alive, on Whose Providence the universe stands and is ruled. "For this he was beaten and torn, scraped with an iron, until his bones came out from under the meat. In those torments she breathed her last. And Trophimus, the tormentor Dionysius, subjected him to great torments and kept him in prison for even greater ones. Then a senator, Dorimedont, a secret Christian, came to Trophimus to serve him. When he learned of this, the tormentor began to torment the two of them and finally threw them in front of the beasts. But the beasts did not even touch them. Saint Dorimedont deliberately teased the bear by pulling it by the ears to tear it apart, but in the process the bear was pampered. In the end, the torturer ordered that Saint Trophimus and Dorimedont be killed with a sword. The souls of these martyrs reign in the heavens.

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