Today St. Methodius and Cyril of the Apostles are celebrated

Saints Methodius and Cyril co-apostles

Born brothers from Thessaloniki, from respectable and rich parents, Leo and Mary. The older brother, Methodius, spent ten years as an officer among the Macedonian Slavs. He then retreated to Mount Olympus and surrendered to a monastic feat. Cyril (Constantine) later joined him here. When the Khazar emperor Kagan asked Emperor Michael for preachers of the faith in Christ, then on the emperor's order these two brothers were found and sent among the Khazars. After convincing Cagan of the faith of Christ, they baptized this king and many of his elders and even more people. After some time they returned to Constantinople, where they compiled the thirty-eight letters of the Slavic alphabet and began translating the church books from Greek into Slavonic. At the invitation of Emperor Rostislav, they went to Moravia and there they spread and established the Christian faith, so they multiplied the books and gave them to the priests to teach the youth. Later, at the call of the Pope, they left for Rome, where Cyril fell ill and died, on February 14, 869. Methodius returned to Moravia and until his death tried to establish the faith of Christ among the Slavs. After his death - and he died in the Lord on April 6, 885 - his disciples crossed the Danube and descended south to Macedonia, where from Ohrid they continued to work among the Slavs in the same work begun by Methodius and Cyril in the north.

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