Today the Life-giving source is celebrated

Livelihood source

On this day is celebrated the renewal of the temple of the Most Holy Mother of God in Constantinople, called the Living Source, because of the miraculous spring with water that is located in it. We also remember the many miracles that took place in that temple of the Mother of God. The first temple on the spring was built by the Byzantine emperor Leo the Great and he called the spring "Life-giving Source", because the miraculous grace of the Most Holy was published there. disease in the miraculous waters of the spring. In time, the temple suffered many earthquakes, so the emperors Basil the Macedonian and his son Leo the Wise rebuilt it. In the 15th century the imperial city fell into the hands of the Muslims. The famous church was destroyed, and the building material was used to build a mosque for Sultan Bayezid. The place where the church used to stand was buried, and the surrounding area was turned into a Muslim cemetery. The Turkish guard forbade Christians not only to gather at the place, but even to approach it. In time, the ban became less severe, and Christians were allowed to build a small church on the site, which had suffered a tragic fate several times. During the reign of Sultan Mahmud, in 1835, the church was built and consecrated, which is still there. After the prayers of the Most Holy Mother of God and through her intercession, many miracles happen from the waters of the spring even today.

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